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Ondokea Women's Bakery is an income generating project that aims to get women out of extreme circumstances of  violence and poverty by supporting them with a sustainable means to self-sufficiency. The Women’s Bakery is also a center that provides all-inclusive workforce and personal development training, a safe environment for abused women, teaches survival skills to get back their self-confidence, teaches nutrition, and provides hands-on experience to tackle their daily difficulties.

Ondokea Women's Bakery, is offering counseling and training to help Tanzanian women overcome these obstacles.

An article from Brooking Institute suggest  that "Although in many countries there has been substantive progress in advancing women’s participation in economic development, African women’s contribution is severely constrained by access to finance. Women have difficulties accessing finance for various reasons: poverty, limited employment in the formal sector, and cultural barriers to land and property ownership. As data reveals, only 3 percent in Kenya, 1 percent in Tanzania, 20 percent in Zimbabwe of land is owned by women. Their limited ownership creates serious obstacles to accessing capital from Banks and other financial institutions, which usually require collateral for the loans in forms of titles, property and land"

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Registered Charity Number : 81-446736

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