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    If you’re compassionate about helping women and their development, or simply looking for a way to get more involved in this project, contact us. We believe that every one of us has the ability to create positive change in the lives of these women. Your time, knowledge and skills will help this vital women’s project move forward.


    Ondokea Women’s Bakery is seeking funds to address some of the immediate needs. We are looking for individuals who are willing to organize creative fundraisers to bring in money and other required resources. Methods such as yard sales, online games, raffles, donation jars to online crowd-funding can be used to generate needed money and other resources.

  • Best Sisters Forever

    B.S.F stands for Best Sisters Forever, is a women conference exchange that will be held every summer in Tanzania. Women from different parts of the world come to our community center to talk about women's issues, experiences and successes. Apart from discussing issues, women will also engage in cool activities such as cooking traditional foods, selling bakery products to local shops, going on safaris, playing games, enjoying dancing nights, movies and other fun activities. B.S.F will be held in June each year.

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PO Box  11312

Arusha  Tanzania, East Africa.



Registered Charity Number : 81-446736

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