Co-founder and CEO

Esther Kakema Sullivan is the co-founder of Ondokea foundation. She decided to open Ondokea Women's Bakery in her hometown of Arusha, Tanzania to address women's employment issues. Esther lives in San Francisco but travels back and forth for fundraising events. She is certified E.K.G Technician. Esther is a lovely mother with one  daughter Elianna. She likes  cooking, eating and reading books.


She can be reached at

Patrick Sullivan

Patrick Sullivan is co-founder of the Ondokea Foundation and provides some financial support to the organization.

He can be reached at

Sorael Elias

Sorael or "Sora" is our communication director. He oversee communications within Ondokea Foundation and Ondokea bakery project. 

He can be reached at

Flora Kakema

Ondokea Foundation supports Flora’s teenage daughter Elizabeth and sends her to Catholic High School to prevent her from being raped, the fate of many young Tanzanian girls and women. Flora is a volunteer counselor working in Arusha for the Ondokea Foundation. 

Boniface Nshoya

Boniface is our Maintenance manager. He oversees the installation, repair and upkeep of ondokea properties, including machines, mechanical systems, buildings and other structures.

Contact Us

PO Box  11312

Arusha  Tanzania, East Africa.


Registered Charity Number : 81-446736

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