Ondokea Women’s Bakery needs funds to purchase the following equipment. 

Join us and support this vital NGO effort.

1. Mixers - $ 699 (Type- Ankarsrum Original AKM 6220 Mineral White Stand Mixer)


Mixers are the foundation of a productive bakery. A large dough mixer, an emulsion blender with whisk attachments, and counter top mixers are typically considered necessary.

2. Ovens - $5542 (Type - American Range MSD-2G - Double Deck Convection Oven, Gas, 1 Glass/1 Solid Door)
Stone deck ovens create amazing hearth breads, and convection ovens are good for cakes and cookies.

3. Dough Proofer $1214.00 (Type Winholt NHPL-1836C Non-Insulated Heater Proofer/Holding Cabinet with Corner Bumpers)


Proofers make the dough-rising process simple by optimizing heat and humidity.

4. Bake Ware - $250
Quality bake ware is essential because it is used heavily each day.

5. Small Wares - $450
In addition to necessities like spatulas, spoons and mixing bowls, the Bakery also needs pastry knives, icing tips and flour sifters.

6. Dough Sheeter - $5799.00 (Type - 82" Reversible Floor Model Dough Sheeter)
Rolling out dough by hand is time consuming. A dough sheeter can standardize the process and save tons of time.

7. Bread Slicer - $1429 - (Type - 29 1/2" Countertop Electric Bread Slicer - 3/4" Cutting Width)
A bread slicer is a necessity, as it will allow quickly cutting uniform slices for easy bagging and sale.

8. Sheet Pan Racks - $138 (Type - Channel TT307 7 Pan End Load Countertop Half Bun / Sheet Pan Rack)

Important for allowing bakery products space to cool.

9. Dry Storage Containers - $400
Dry ingredients are the foundation of many baked goods. Proper storage is essential for ingredients like flour or sugar, but also for the wealth of small wares found in the kitchen.

10. Refrigeration - $2299.00 (Type - Avantco SS-2R-G-HC 54" Glass Door Reach-In Refrigerator)

Eggs, milk and cream are key ingredients in many baked products. They need to be safely stored in the correct refrigeration unit and temperature.

11. Doughnut Cake Fryer - $5488.73 (Type - Belshaw Adamatic 618L ‑ Electric Open Kettle Frye)
Doughnut and funnel cake fryers are necessary to create those sugary, tasty treats no one can resist. Yumm!

12. Display Case - $3,295.00 (Leader HBK48 48" Refrigerated Bakery Display Case)
Attractive display of baked goods and tasty is essential for any bakery shop.

13. Wood Top Work Table - $150
A wood top prep table is the best surface for bakers to refine their craft. Ideal for kneading dough, flouring, and other various prep tasks, the wood top can be a baker's best friend when working.

14. 2018 NV Cargo Van - $30,000
A minivan is needed to move people, supplies and baked goods. Ondokea Women’s  Bakery will use this van to carry out daily logistics.

13. Renting a Bakery Production Facility - $7200
A bakery production facility, is a place where all bakery activities will occur. The current initial cost for the proposed place is $600 / month.

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